Guilt Trips and Superlatives

HOLY =  adjective (RELIGIOUS); related to a ​religion or a ​god:holy ​scriptures/​rites› very ​religious or ​pure:a holy ​person

BAT = noun (STICK); a ​specially ​shaped ​piece of ​wood used for ​hitting the ​ball in some ​games:a ​baseball/​cricket/​rounders/​table ​tennis bat. noun (ANIMAL) a ​small ​animal like a ​mouse with ​wings that ​flies at ​night

SEX = noun (MALE/FEMALE); the ​state of being either ​male or ​female. noun (ACTIVITY) physical ​activity between ​people ​involving the ​sexual​organs:

 Contributing writers and editors wanted for up-and-coming online magazine venture. Aspiring graduates, students and professionals welcome, preferably someone with a University degree or educated college background who would be willing to contribute or copyedit one article (500-2000 words long) once a month on any of the following themes or topics.- media, entertainment, film
– technology, science, computer games
– news, current affairs, politics, controversy subject matter
– history, culture
– arts and literature, book reviews
– music (any style)
– academia, critical theory and discourses
– mental health issues
– graduate employment
– personal interest
– employment law
– humour, political correctness
– gender politics, sexism, feminism
The magazine is aimed at 18-35 year olds students and educated professionals and liberals interested in diverse and controversial short topics and feature length articles that challenge the everyday stereotypes in a style similar to VICE, WIRED and other magazines and newspapers.
If you’re an aspiring journalist who would like contribute in order to build a portfolio or develop the website, please checkout the website/, and reply with a CV and samples of your work to

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